Autogenous flame cutting and plasma cutting

Oxyfuel cutting or plasma cutting is used in the industry for cutting steel plates, steel profiles and steel tubes.
Here we differentiate the following machine types:

Oxyfuel cutting machine

This kind of flame cutting lines are appropriate for flame cutting of steel sheets and steel plates you find in the steel construction industry, steel trading, machine construction and shipbuilding yards. Mostly 1 to 6 autogenous burner or 1 to 2 plasma cutting units are used. For the cutting of materials of a thickness starting from 3mm use is made of the oxyfuel cutting with gas-oxygen mixture. However, the economic efficiency for the use of an autogenous flame cutting machine starts from a material thickness of more than 15 mm.

Plasma cutting machine

If the material thickness is bigger than 3 mm and smaller than 50 mm usually a plasma cut is used, subject to equipment and availability of the cutting machine.
In general plasma cutting machines are much faster than oxyfuel cutting machines, but they only operate precisely and economically plates up to 50 mm. For plasma cutting the use of an appropriate extraction and filter system is necessary. it is very important to take the harmful smoke away from the machine user. Plasma cutting systems are provided by manufacturers such as Hypertherm or Kjellberg to well-known machine manufacturers such as Ficep, ESAB, Messer Cutting, Zinser, Sato, Microstep, Bach and Voortman. Due to the technical progress of the plasma units it will be possible in the future to cut thicker materials with faster cutting speed and higher cutting accuracy.

Pipe cutting machine 

Thermal cutting of pipes can be operated either by using an additional pipe cutting unit on a portal thermal cutting machine or by using pipe cutting machines from manufacturers such as HGG, Microstep, Müller Opladen, Voortman, Messer and Zinser. These pipe cutting machines are optionally equipped with oxyfuel cutting technology or with plasma cutting technology.

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