3D profil cutting machine for pipe and profil

3D cutting machines are used for flame, plasma and laser cutting of pipes or tubes. Today mostly 3D CNC machines are used for the pipe cutting process.

Therefore pipe flame cutting machines are often used in steel construction for cutting and notching square and round pipes as well as steel profiles. Manufacturers of pipe cutting machines are companies like HGG, Müller Opladen, ESAB, Zinser, Sato, Messer Cutting Systems, Voortman, Kaltenbach, Ficep, Vernet-Behringer, Peddinghaus and others.
Plasma cutting technology is mainly used for cutting or notching profiles or tubes with a thin wall thickness. Modern plasma cutting technology from leading manufacturers such as Hypertherm and Kjellberg enables the cutting of material thicknesses up to 100 mm. However, for material and wall thicknesses of 50 mm or more, oxyfuel flame cutting technology is usually used economically. The 3D contour data created in the CAD system is taken over by the CNC control of the profile flame cutting machine and thus enables even the most complicated notches on profiles and pipes.

For some of the older Müller Opladen pipe profile cutting machines we have spare parts in or stock.

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