Grinding, Deburring

In the steel  and metal processing industry as well as in steel trading there is a need for reliable deburring machines for grinding and deburring the flame cut parts after the process of flame cutting (either in the form of oxy-fuel, plasma or laser cutting).
Manual cleaning, deburring and rounding of flame cut parts is always less economic due to the present labour costs. Especially favourable is the machine-aided deburring and rounding of flat steel and steel plates when the flame cutting is processed by drill burning machines, panel processing centres and portal burning lines. Deburring machines and belt grinding machines from manufacturers such as Ernst, RSA, Weber, Loewer, Timesafers, dmc, Viet, Lissmac and others are suitable machines to ensure an economical process of deburring steel parts.
The burned steel plate is moved by a conveyor belt into the machine and is then deburred by grinding wheels, grinding belts and brushes. For deburring small parts also a barrel deburring machine can be used. This kind of deburring machine works by deburring, descaling and derusting the steel parts in a rotating barrel due to their self-friction. Leading manufacturers of barrel deburring machines or circular vibrators are e.g. companies such as Lima, Weber, Rösler etc.
If you are looking for a suitable deburring machine it is important to pay attention on grinding quality and processing speed with regard  to the procurement costs. Where appropriate a used deburring machine can be the more economic solution.

In case you are planning the procurement of a new deburring line, we would be glad to receive your offer of the used machine – for our steel construction clients we are continuously in search of used machines from Weber, Lima, Ernst, Loewer, dmc, Lissmac in good working conditions.

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