Punching and shearing machines, Angle lines for steel processing of angle and flat steel

Punching and shearing machines are used for the economic processing of angle and flat bar steel.

Manufacturer such as Kaltenbach, Peddinghaus, Ficep, Voortman, Vernet-Behringer and Mubea are leading suppliers for punching and shearing in angle steel processing industry.

Flat and angle punching and shearing machine Voortman V 550A

One example is the punch and shear line from Voortman V550A to be used for the economic punching and shearing of angle and flat material. This machine is designed for the automatic processing of flat and angle steel profiles in the horizontal and vertical plane.

Ficep Angle Line for punching and shearing of flat and angle profiles

This used Ficep Angle Line machine is used for punching and shearing of flat and angle steel bars. A marking unit is integrated in order to punch position numbers into the profiles.

Kaltenbach punching, drilling and shearing line for angle and flat material

The Kaltenbach punching and shearing system is equipped with a drilling unit, tool changer, punching unit and shearing unit. The automatik material loading table transfers the steel bars into the machine for the automatic process of angle and flat.

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