Cross transfer tables

Cross transfer conveyors as lift and carry table and chain conveyor systems

Cross transfer conveyors and lift and carry tables are used for shifting and depositing steel sheets and profiles in the steel construction and steel trading industry. The transport racks or material supports are available as drag chain version or as a lift and carry table version. In order to ensure economic material handling in a steel processing work from and to the individual saws, drilling lines, blasting plants and welding sites, the cross transfer conveyors are used as a material deposit and material buffer.
Cross transfer conveyors are available as chain conveyor system, by which the profiles and sheets are moved with a drag cam. A plastic strip ensures that the steel profiles are shifted more quietly and without touching the steel frame of the cross transfer conveyor directly. In case of a cross transfer conveyor in form of a lift and carry table, lifting beams are lifted hydraulically and the material is deposed at the desired position. Lift and carry tables are quieter than a chain conveyor and are required to convey over a roller conveyor. Moreover, cross transfer conveyors are often used in areas of painting systems. The chain conveyors are necessary to transport the painted profiles or sheets without surface contact in order to protect the painted surface.

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