roller conveyor, transport roller systems

The roller table or the roller conveyors are necessary to transport the material in a manufacturing plant to the respective machine and workstations lengthwise.

In steel construction, metal construction or steel trading industry, distances to and from equipment such as saws, drilling lines, shot blasting plants etc. are so long that the transport of sheet metal and profiles is only economical if a suitable roller table system is used. Usually, the material transport of sheets and profiles with a fork lift truck or crane is too demanding and therefore not cost effective. Besides, the risk of accidents is much higher. The roller conveyors or roller tracks mainly used in the steel trading and steel construction industry are self driven and equipped with a control panel near the machine. Thus the plant or machine operator can easily convey the often heavy materials to the appropriate position in the infeed and outfeed direction. A complete transport system at the machine, warehouse or welding area also includes the appropriate cross transport and storage of the material with a chain conveyors or a lift and carry transport table system. In addition to the dimensions (roll diameter, roll width, height and length of the segments), the design of the support rolls and the stability are particularly important for the selection of suitable roller conveyors. High-quality new roller table systems as well as roller conveyors are available from the following manufacturers: Kaltenbach, Heinzemann, Peddinghaus, Ficep, Voortman, Vernet, Behringer, Rösler etc.

Economic used roller tables, roller conveyors or transport systems are available at Nenok from Cologne. We constantly have used transport systems in different designs.

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