Circular saw blades, segmental saw blades

Nenok delivers high quality circular saw blades for large circular saws starting with a saw blade diameter of 630 mm. The segmental saw blades are available in HSS- or HSS-Co version or as hard metal saw blades. Furthermore Nenok offers the required spare parts and the grinding service. A modern serial production combined with serious controls and observance of a very tight range of tolerance is essential to create a high performance tool of consistent superior quality. The saw blades are manufactured according to modern production processes by (the companies) Lennartz and Arntz. Tempered HSS segments combined with precisely manufactured disc body of tempered alloy steel are the basis for a long durability of the cold circular saw blades. Due to the high precision fit of the circular saw segments it is easy to replace them. A large number of Peddinghaus circular saws DSC 300, LC 1000 and LC 1250 as well as the high performance circular saws from Kaltenbach HDM 1432 and HDM 1431 operate with these efficient circular saw blades.

Segmental disc sawblade Z5 by cutting steel beams
Saw balde segment Z 5
Kaltenbach disc saw HDM 1431 with saw blade from nenok tools
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