Solid carbide drills

Solid carbide drills from Hartner with internal coolant for high-performance drilling on modern drill lines in the steel processing industry.

Hartner Solid carbide drills in length 3 x D, 5 x D, 7 x D, 10 x D

Solid carbide drills can be regrinded many times and are therefore most economically suitable for diameters from 8 mm up to 20mm. For larger diameters the KSEM modular drilling system of Kennametal with KSEM carbide cutting inserts is a better and more cost-efficient choice.
The carbide material has a high wear resistance (hardness), but is less ductile than HSS steel. Therefore in case of improper use it is more delicate than regular HSS inner coolant drills or KSEM carbide drills with KSEM cutting inserts.
The use of solid carbide drills can only be recommended on modern drill lines with stable material clamping, high drive power, high speeds and high torque.

Solid carbide drills offer a very good cutting performance even without a special coating due to their extremely high wear resistance. By coating the solid carbide drills the already good wear characteristics can be improved clearly.

The solid carbide drills of the nenok drill programme have a modern FIRE coating. The breath-thin FIRE coating is a TiAlN/TiN multi-layer coating. It increases the wear-resistance and the thermal resilience of the carbide. You can recognize the Fire coating at our solid carbide drills at its violet colour.

Solid carbide drills in use on modern plate processing centers

In the video you can see some examples of the use of solid carbide drills when drilling flat steel and sheet metal. The flat steel drill lines and sheet metal working centers of Kaltenbach KF2506 and Voortman V320 shown in the video have the appropriate stability and correspondingly high drive power with high drill speed, high feed rate and torque. Only with these high-performance drilling units can the drilling performance of solid carbide drills also be exploited economically.

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