Solide carbide drills product range


Solid carbide drills from Hartner with internal cooling and wear resistant FIRE special coating from the Hartner TS-Drills program

Solid carbide drills with inner cooling and wear-resistant FIRE special coating.

Cutting direction: right, point angle 140 degrees with 2 surface grinding, diameter tolerance m7, acc. to DIN 6537K with HE shank.

Drill diameter

Solid carbide drill sizes 3 x DSolid carbide drill sizes 5 x DSolid carbide drill sizes 7 x D
6.80 mm 6.80 mm---    mm
8.00 mm8.00 mm---    mm
8.50 mm8.50 mm---    mm
9.00 mm9.00 mm9.00  mm
10.00 mm10.00 mm10.00 mm
10.20 mm10.20 mm10.20 mm
11.00 mm11.00 mm11.00 mm
12.00 mm12.00 mm12.00 mm
12.50 mm12.50 mm12.50 mm
13.00 mm13.00 mm13.00 mm
14.00 mm14.00 mm14.00 mm
15.00 mm15.00 mm15.00 mm
16.00 mm16.00 mm16.00 mm
17.00 mm17.00 mm17.00 mm
17.50 mm17.50 mm17.50 mm
18.00 mm18.00 mm18.00 mm
19.00 mm19.00 mm19.00 mm
19.50 mm19.50 mm19.50 mm
20.00 mm20.00 mm20.00 mm

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