Tool dispensing systems

Tool Management - Tool dispensing system for steel construction and steel trading

The innovative tool dispensing system Hartner TM Tool Management for the efficient storage and organization of tools and machine accessories.

With a sophisticated TM Tool Management tool dispensing system from Hartner or Guhring, you can optimize your tool store from drills, cutting inserts, tool holders, burner nozzles and other small parts. Thanks to its optimal tool management, you can achieve high cost savings and machine availability in a short time.

Hartner TM Tool Management is available for a wide range of operating sizes and application areas. A sophisticated tool management software developed by Guhring manages the use of stored tools. The tool management software can be connected to many popular ERP systems. The software structure makes order processes as well as a delivery service and regrinding service completely automatic.

Tool Management TM 326, TM 526 and TM 426

A modular system consisting of types TM 326, TM 426 and TM 526 enables optimum equipment for your company. In addition to the basic version TM 326 with already extensive management options, there are various expansion units. The electronically controlled TM systems are available in different sizes and different configuration levels. The inexpensive basic version Hartner TM 326 is equipped with a system computer and the software with individually lockable drawers. A 21.5 "HD touch-screen monitor provides easy data entry and clear viewing for the operator, while the sturdy cabinet construction features an LED light to mark each drawer to mark the dispenser drawer to the user. The drawers can also be equipped with a box set, a tray set, an anti-slip mat or an individually lockable electronic flap system.The drawer height and the size of the locking flaps depend on the customer's storage requirements.The TM 526 is for 100% control: It consists of a drawer system, which has individually lockable drawers, which only allow the removal of a tool or component.The individual drawers open gradually and only release the amount booked.The Tool Management System TM 426 is for storage and storage management of large volumes designed as a spiral system. Various spiral-shaped systems adapted to the size of the tool store the tools in a space-saving and safe way.
If the capacity of the basic units is insufficient, this can be increased with the extension units. These expansion units are then linked to the computer and the software of the basic unit.

Save tooling costs and administrative costs with the professional tool dispensing system TM Tool Management.

Through optimal storage and management, you achieve controlled tool availability. Since the design of the TM dispensing systems is quite extensive, please consult our application engineers.

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