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Description of Bilz Schnellwechsel-Einsatz

Bilz Quick change adaptors for tapping, The Quick change adaptors where used in beam drill lines for steel processing.

014-1 Bilz,WFLK340,TR,26X2 new
014-6 Bilz,WFLK340,TR,26X2 new
014-2 Bilz,WES3B,18X14,5,M22 new
014-7 Bilz,WES3B,18X14,5,M22 new
014-3 Bilz,WES3B,18X14,5,M24 new
014-8 Bilz,WES3B,18X14,5,M24 new
014-11 Bilz,WES3B,18X14,5,M24 new
014-4 Bilz,WES3B,20X16,M27 new
014-9 Bilz,WES3B,20X16,M27 new
014-13 Bilz,WES3B,20X16,M27 new
014-5 Bilz,WES3B,22X18,M30 new
014-10 Bilz,WES3B,22X18,M30 new
014-18 Bilz,WESN2B,6X4,9,M8 new
014-19 Bilz,WESN2B,6X4,9,M8 new
014-20 Bilz,WESN2B,6X4,9,M8 in new condition
014-24 Bilz,WES2B,7X5,5;M10 in new condition
014-23 Bilz,WES2B,7X5,5;M10 in new condition
014-26 Bilz,WES2B,9X7,M12 in new condition
014-27 Bilz,WES2B,9X7,M12 in new condition



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