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Description of Kaltenbach KBS 400 DG NA

The Kaltenbach KBS400 DG NA horizontal band saw is an automatic band saw for cutting profiles in the steel construction and steel trading industry.
The KBS 400 band saw has a miter device for double-sided angle cuts and a material replenishment gripper for fully automatic processing of individual bars, steel beams and layers. After the steel profile has been positioned for the head cut, the individual saw sections are cut automatically. A non-driven infeed roller conveyor and outfeed roller conveyor are included in the scope of delivery.
The hydraulic saw band feed is infinitely adjustable. The cutting angle setting is NC controlled. There is an automatic cycle control for tensioning, sawing and relaxing. The profile tension adjusts itself via a hydraulic horizontal and vertical tensioning device. The frame is an inclined saw band frame. The hydraulic cutting pressure regulation works automatically. The belt tension is held hydraulically. There is micro spray cooling for the saw band. There is a material replenishment gripper for material transport and length measurement. There is also a roller conveyor drive in the replenishment gripper area. A software package PROFICUT is included.
The sawing areas are as follows: at 90 ° maximum 400 x 350 mm, minimum 10 x 10 mm; at + 60 ° max. 380 x 350 mm, at - 60 ° max. 355 x 350 mm, at + 45 ° max. 315 x 350 mm, at - 45 ° max. 275 x 350 mm, at + 30 ° max. 225 x 350 mm.
The Roentgen bi-metal saw band M42 has the dimensions 5730 x 34 x 1.1 mm, tooth pitch 3/4. The saw motor is frequency controlled and has a drive power of 3.0 kW. The cutting speed is between 15 - 90 m / min and infinitely adjustable. The feed is 0 - 300 mm / min.
The control with the machine PC works with the Kaltenbach software Proficut. A maximum of 99 orders can be entered in the software. Proficut offers multitasking operations. This means that you can enter a program even though another program is running in the background.

Cutting Data can be transferred in various ways:
1. The operator programs directly on the control panel.
2. The data are entered into the work preparation via a PC and then imported via CSV file. The data transfer takes place via floppy disk or the network.
3. The data is entered using a CAD program. The DSTV data is imported via diskette or network.

The Kaltenbach KBS 400 DG NA bandsaw is in very good condition.

  • : 3600 kg
  • : 2710 x 4520 x 2150 mm
  • : 5.730 x 34 x 1,1 mm



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