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Tekna TK441/2

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Description of Tekna TK441/2

The Tekna 441/2 CNC machining centre has a travel range of 6700 mm and 4 CNC axes. An automatic tool changer with 14 tool stations and collets ensures fast tool change of drills and milling cutters with the fast traverse speed of the drill spindle unit. The 5.5 kW machining unit is equipped with a swivel drilling-milling spindle. The speed range of the drilling-milling spindle is between 300 - 18,000 rpm and has an ISO 30 tool holder. An automatic measuring unit ensures optimum tool height adjustment. A conveyor belt takes care of the chip removal.
The X-axis is 6700 mm and consists of 2 areas with 2850 mm each. The rapid traverse of max. 80 m/min is achieved by means of a servo motor and a toothed rack.
The Y-axis is 700 mm. The rapid traverse of max. 57 m/min is achieved by means of a servo motor and a recirculating ball screw.
The Z-axis is 300 mm with 80 mm tool length. The rapid traverse of max. 40 m/min is achieved by means of a servo motor and a ball screw.
The C-axis is driven by a servo motor and reaches a max. speed of 7000 ° /min.
The Tekna machining centre is best suited for the automatic CNC controlled machining of aluminium profiles, steel (up to max. 3 mm in one operation), PVC (also with steel inlay), various plastics and wood.

The Tekna TK 441 is in a very good condition and ideal for a metal construction company or exhibition stand construction company with aluminium machining.

  • : 6700 mm
  • : 700 mm
  • : 300 mm

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