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KSEM Carbide drills

KSEM Kennametal carbide drills

KSEM carbide drills with best performance for high speed drilling

KSEM carbide drills make KENNAMETAL with changeable carbide inserts (drill bits) are suitable for modern drilling machines that provide maximum cutting-performance. When using carbide technology you can realize extrem short drill cycles via high cutting speeds. The KSEM carbide drill bits from KENNAMETAL have an excellent centering capacity, that means the bits perfectly fit in the die holder and the drill body. And the new geometry makes them suitable for cutting both structural and flat steel in the structural steelwork industry.

By means of the PVD-TiAIN coating you are getting highest wear resistance for higher cutting speed. Depending on the degree of wear, the KSEM carbide drill bits can be regrinded. This reduces tool costs. The KSEM technology is used on modern CNC beam drill lines and plate processing machines.

KSEM Carbide drills with inner cooling by Kennametal

KSEM is the hallmark for highest cutting performance when drilling with solid carbide. KSEM carbide drills with inner cooling and replaceable drill inserts are the best choice for state-of-the-art drill line technology when working on flat steel and steel profiles in the steel constrution industry. Extremely short drilling cycles and remarkable efficiency are the result of the high cutting performance of modern carbide technology by Kennametal. The KSEM carbide drills with diameters of 12,5 mm up to 40 mm are part of the standard Kennametal programme. Nenok tools regulary delivers these tools to its international steel and metal construction customers.

KSEM drill inserts

KSEM drill inserts are easy to change and regrindable. According to the planned application these inserts can be delivered in different varieties. Optimized geometries and carbide types with different coatings provide for an extremely long endurance.

KSEM drill body length

KSEM drill bodies are available in different lengths. Especially suitable for the steel construction industry are the body lengths of 3xD, 5xD and 7xD, but also 10xD is possible. The KSEM lengths of 7xD for diameters of 12,5 mm to 14 mm and 5xD above 14 mm are the most application. For reasons of stability please choose the shortest possible drill body length according to the respective drill assignment. Please use with every drill body the drill insert intended for it. The KSEM drill bodies are delivered with a central clamping bolt and an installation wrench. A whistle notch clamping surface at the bottom of the drill body ensures perfect clamping in the machine chuck.

The high-performance KSEM drill inserts with different coatings enable you to handle the difficult material- and vibrations behaviour in steel construction. The use of a suitable drilling line with the necessary high feed rates, torques and rotational speeds is required.

The KSEM drill insert varieties KC7315 and KC7235 with their special cutting geometry and coating are especially suitable for the tough use on drilling lines in the steel construction. Because of the reduced vibration behaviour the drill insert variety KC7315 is in more intensive use in flat steel processing now. The variety KC7235 is made of a tougher substrate and can take the increased vibrations when processing beams on older drilling lines. The recent generation of drilling lines is constructed in such a stable manner that also the use of the variety KC7315 does not cause any problems. Of course the right cooling liquid is required. Changing the drill insert in time enables the professional regrinding of the drill insert by Kennametal and enhances ecconomical use.

Due to long-term experience and many test cycles nenok tools is able to give you an optimized price-performance-ratio for the KSEM carbide drills with short delivery times. We supply you with the KSEM drill inserts you require, the respective KSEM drill bodies, the spare parts and the chucks for your drilling line. The suitable coolant lubricate nencool micro is also available from nenok.

KSEM drill insert regrinding and coating

According to the state of wear the regrinding and recoating of your used drill inserts is possible. Kennametal will regrind the drill insert and recoat them.

Call nenok tools in Cologne Germany under +49 221-8888260 or send your mail tools@nenok.de

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