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Kaltenbach KBS 750 + KD 615

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Description of Kaltenbach KBS 750 + KD 615

The Kaltenbach saw drilling machine KBS750DG-KD615 consists of a horizontal band saw Kaltenbach KBS 750 DG and a 3 axis CNC beam drilling machine Kaltenbach KD 615. The saw-drill combination is equipped with a measuring carriage system for the length measurement of the profile beams and the appropriate transport system. The CNC control and the Kaltenbach software control all functions and workflows of the saw-drill system according to the dimensions previously programmed in DSTV format.

The band saw KBS750 DG is equipped with a angle cutting device for double mitre and suitable for sawing beam steel profiles. The saw band dimension of the KBS 750 DG is 6.990 x 41 x 1,3 mm, the saw band versions Bi-Metal M2, Bi-Metal M42, Bi-Metal M51 can be used. The cutting speed is infinitely variable in a range of 15 - 100 m/min.

The Kaltenbach KD 615 drilling unit has 3 drilling units, one vertical and two horizontal. A 5-fold tool changer is available for each drilling axis. The drilling units are designed for the use of HSS cooling channel drills from Nenok for a drilling diameter of at least 10 mm and maximum 40 mm. The tools are cooled by air cooling with an oil micro-dosing system. For the colling of the drilling and sawing operation the minimal quantity lubricant nencool Micro is used. The largest workpiece dimension of the drilling machine is 600 x 500 mm, the smallest dimension is 50 x 5 mm.

There is a pushing measuring carriage M151 G for a maximum beam length of 18.1 meters. The infeed and outfeed roller conveyors with a respective length of 18.1 meters as well as the cross transports in the outfeed are also included.

This saw drill line combination is in a very good condition and can be used directly in your steel construction after assembly.

  • : 600 mm
  • : 500 mm
  • : 10 - 40 mm
  • : 3
  • : 6990 x 41 x 1,3 mm
  • : 15 - 100 m/min



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